Senator  MVP Bus

Maximum Seating On The E-450


Steel Cage

Fully welded steel cage construction meets FMVSS

Widest Door Entry

32″ x 83″ Clear Opening Entry Is The Widest In The Industry

Largest Transition Window

Largest driver transition window in the industry

Max Seating On E-450

Available on E350 & E450 Cutaway Chassis

Passenger Capacity & Storage Of A Large Bus

The Senator MVP offers 24 passengers plus rear luggage or 28 passenger floor plans, giving you the passenger capacity and storage you desire without having to purchase a larger bus. Whether you are shuttling passengers around town or travelling long distances, the Senator II MVP provides the safety and durability you demand with a fully welded steel cage construction. In addition, every bus must go through rigorous testing and a meticulous quality assurance. So whether it’s capacity, safety, or durability that drives your next purchase, the Senator II MVP delivers.

  • Largest driver transition window in the industry
  • 32″ x 83″ clear opening entry – widest in the industry
  • Big bus features with easy maneuverability
  • 5 year limited body warranty
  • Available with  flush mount air conditioning
  • Available with bench, CRS or activity seats
  • Available on E350 & E450 cutaway chassis with school bus package
  • Rear emergency door with windows and full length hinge
  • Available on E350 & E450 cutaway chassis
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
  • Altoona tested

Senator MVP Floor Plans

Senator MVP Floor Plans