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CommTrans offers ADA and FMVSS wheelchair vans and minivans in many different configurations.  Choose a side ramp or rear ramp model, with options like a power assist rear ramp, or a ramp that fold flat in the floor.  All of our wheelchair vehicles are ADA and FMVSS compliant for commercial use.  Take a look below to see all of the options what each model offers.

Transit Connect Wheelchair Minivan

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Go to the Transit Connect Wheelchair Minivan Page.   Ramp Folds Flat Electric Securement System Seats 5 + 1 Wheelchair Without Folding Seats Get the passenger capacity of a minivan and convert to wheelchair accessible in minutes without losing any passenger seating.  The Connect Wheelchair Minivan accommodates 5 plus 1 wheelchair with no need to fold or rearrange the seats.  The ramp folds flat in the rear of the vehicle to create usable cargo space when not in use.  This vehicle gets an economical 20 city / 28 highway miles to the gallon and is ADA and FMVSS compliant.

Entervan Wheelchair Minivan


Go to the Entervan Wheelchair Minivan Page. Wheelchair in Front Passenger Area Removable Driver and Front Passenger Seat Seats 4 + 1 Wheelchair Utilizing the Dodge Grand Caravan chassis,the Entervan has a handsomely finished automotive look.  Both the passenger side and the driver side sliding doors have been lowered to match the low floor level with no sill or other obstructions to step over. This standard feature also allows for a better wheelchair turning radius, making it easier to maneuver while inside the vehicle. It comes standard with a manual side ramp, removable front driver and passenger seat, and a wheelchair securement position in the front passenger area.  ADA and FMVSS compliant.

Vision Wheelchair Minivan


Go to the Vision Wheelchair Minivan Page. Power Ramp Option Seats Up To 6 1 or 2 Wheelchairs The Vision Wheelchair Minivan is up to the challenge of real-world use in a transit fleet, as well as practical and comfortable transportation for a family.  Built on a Grand Caravan chassis and with a number of floorplan options and ambulatory seating configurations, this wheelchair minivan offers maximum flixibility. It is ADA and FMVSS compliant, available with a manual and power rear ramp option, and seats up to 6 with flip and fold seats.

SmartFloor Transit Wagon Wheelchair Van

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Go to the SmartFloor Transit Wagon Wheelchair Van Page. Seats that Roll and Lock Into Place Seats Up To 13 Up To 4 Wheelchairs Introducing the most versatile and flexible wheelchair van on the market!  SmartFloor is an innovative new flooring system that allows you to quickly and easily rearrange the floorplan to accommodate seated and wheelchair passengers in the configuration that you need.  SmartFloor seat bases have wheels to easily roll the seats into place with no lifting.   The SmartFloor Transit Wagon comes in 3 models, and can fit up to 4 standard wheelchairs, or up to 13 passengers.  This ADA and FMVSS compliant van also has many options that include a bus door, cot mount, side or rear lift, and stanchion poles at passenger entrance.